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'what is happiness to you?'

this gif of a toucan going down the stairs


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“every time you post something online the entire world sees it”

yeah then explain to me why my post doesn’t have more notes

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when you think you’ve screwed something up but it all turns out ok in the end


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the taylor fandom: a brief summary

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you know how when you go to a concert or show of some sort and the person on stage is like “HOW’S EVERYONE DOING TONIGHT?!?!?!?!” and the audience cheers back? why? you’re not answering the question, you’re just yelling. imagine if we did that in daily conversation. “hey jeff, how are ya?” and jeff just starts screaming and clapping in your face

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Reblog if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by time zones

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the song “teardrops on my guitar” is actually about harry styles


this fandom: taylor took exactly 1,007,738 steps today so that’s a hint and she also blinked 39 times per minute on average so that must be a clue to unlock the Da vinci code that will lead us to the first single of the fifth album

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if just 3.1% of taylor’s twitter followers purchase the 5th album the first week, she will hold the record for most first week album sales EVER by a female artist. 

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