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I’m so over it omg you know when you’re as famous as Taylor Swift there are always going to be people who don’t like you and there are always going to be people who fucking hate you and write things like that about you it just comes along with the gig. It’s physically impossible for EVERYONE to like Taylor Swift, but I know for a solid fact that the only god damn reason that screen cap got 130,000 notes is because NOW it’s “cool” and “hip” to shit on Taylor Swift on this website and it really doesn’t fucking matter lol half the people who reblogged it probably have no clue what BTR is or even what this girl is talking about at all. All they care about is mindlessly hating someone who they clearly know nothing about because someone on tumblr made a vaguely interesting argument against her.
And I mean I’ve done the same god damn thing okay listen to this I really don’t like Pink okay cannot stand her I find her yelling at me on the radio annoying as all fucking hell and all her songs about being a ~~~weird underdog~~ got old in 2005 and I wish she’d act like a god damn grown woman. But one thing I know is that I’M PROBABLY WRONG about 95 percent of what I just said, and any huge superfan or hers could prove me wrong, because REALLY I know nothing about Pink or what she’s about because I’ve never cared to know. I don’t actually hate Pink. I hate the idea of Pink that I’ve created in my own mind (but also I really do hate her voice omg just STOP YELLING AT ME PINK) and the Pink in my mind is a slut-shaming asshole who thinks she’s better than 100 percent of the women in Hollywood and smarter than all of us. But then I KNOW that that’s ridiculous and I know that there is literally no point in hating someone for reasons that probably aren’t valid so my god damn solution to this problem is to give her singles on the radio a chance and if I don’t like it I turn it off and move on with my god damn day and I DON’T sit around hating on another woman to make a point about how hating on other women is wrong.
The fact of the fucking matter is that the person who wrote that ridiculous response has absolutely no idea what Taylor Swift is about. I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift since I was 13 years old so literally the entirety of my teenage years have been spent with Taylor’s music. And here’s the interesting part - I know that the key to happiness ISN’T a boyfriend. In fact I know that in most cases, the key to unhappiness is a boyfriend. I know that the key to happiness is doing what I fucking want and working hard to get what I want and making my personal goals and dreams come true, and you know who taught me that? TAYLOR SWIFT. Because when I was fifteen Taylor Swift released a song called White Horse that, for those of you who very VERY obviously don’t fucking know, is 100 percent about ripping apart the “fairytale” that happens in Love Story. White Horse basically says hey guys you know real life is not a fairytale and these things won’t happen to you and no boy is ever going to be every thing you need, so don’t stay stuck behind in that small tiny town with nothing going on just because a boy wants you to - no, you go off and leave that god damn town behind and become whoever YOU want to be, and just LET him try and catch you then. And then in Fifteen BLATANTLY “in your life you’ll do things greater than dating the boy on the football team” I mean what more do you god damn want? Obviously it doesn’t matter what I say because as I said before, these people don’t know anything about Taylor and don’t care to know anything about her and that’s fine with me lol they’re the ones missing out.

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